Crafting digital apps & singing in the rain.

My name is Austin Klise and I spend time building websites, ecommerce stores, and custom applications. I work with a small team of designers and developers, bringing my clients the best creatives with no markup. And, for what it's worth, I don't actually like singing in the rain.


Rain aside, my name is Austin Klise, and I spend time building websites, ecommerce stores, & custom applications. I work with a network of designers and developers, bringing my clients the best creatives with no markup.


I help small business owners and agencies keep their software projects on track.

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Over the past eight years, I helped manage and build custom applications for brands like 64 Robots and managed custom ecommerce projects for Bluetent. During that time, I learned that successful projects are ones that have clear expectations (ambiguity is expensive) and a great team. Sometimes, I am brought on to coach Agile teams and, for other projects, my role is to build the team and manage the projects.

Fine text: I don't work with publicity traded companies. I think the world has enough Amazons, Googles, and Exxons.


01. Ecommerce Setups

Choosing the wrong ecommerce platform can be a fatal mistake for your business's success. I can help you choose and build your store on a platform that makes sense for your business.

02. Custom Applications (Mobile & Web)

Custom web and mobile app development can feel like the Wild West. If there are a thousand ways to build a product correctly, then there are a million to build it incorrectly. The difference between an experienced software development team and an inexperienced one is exponential when it comes to total project cost and quality.

03. Project Management & Agile Consulting

Budgets, timeline, quality...oh my! I help teams improve their project management flows, scrum, and other Agile ceremonies.

Case Studies


I coached HumanQ's technical team building the release of their iOS, Andriod, and web app.


I managed the build and design of Stait's new online Shopify site.

64 Robots

I led the organization of their Agile practice and delivered custom applications.


For Gradys, I built a complex integration between their inventory system and their new ecommerce store.


I enabled SEFA to build a marketplace that would allow their brands to sell online while tracking fulfillment from a variety of shipping locations.


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